In the darkness you don’t really care about me

I get angry at night

(especially at night)

When the darkness

Hides one thousand scenarios

Of things you have not done for me

You are guilty of things

That only I see or remember,

That I will not have the courage to tell you

And in the morning

I will say

“I know it’s stupid”


“I know you love me”

But right now I feel like you don’t love me that much


If you did,

You would have asked me

To see me again after long time,

You would have noticed

That I had written my heart out

For in those words

There was the exact reason

I’m angry now

I hope you understand this

Without my help

Because tomorrow

It will sound stupid

But tonight

It’s very



Alessia xx


Amore a tempo indeterminato (una poesia)

Vorrei mi notassi
Sulla pista da ballo,
Perché mi sto divertendo
Senza di te.

Vorrei mi notassi
Addormentata sul divano,
Perché è notte fonda
E la festa non sembra voler finire.

Il tuo sguardo
È un’invenzione
Che mi costringe a voltarmi,
Ma tu non ci sei affatto.

Solo nella mia mente
Compari ogni volta
E mi pensi
E mi cerchi.

Alessia xx

nitore: chiarezza, eleganza